North East Cargo Link II (Midnordic Green Transport Corridor)

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North East Cargo Link II (Midnordic Green Transport Corridor)
Funding: European
Duration: 06/10 - 09/13
Transport Themes: Multimodal transport (key theme).
Freight transport, Intelligent transport systems, Accessibility, social and equity impacts
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Background & policy context: 

During NECL I (Interreg IIIB 2003-2006) a 'Strategy for North East Cargo Link' was formed, containing measures for the elimination of bottlenecks and missing links in transport infrastructure, as well as for making improvements in the intermodality by establishing of combi-terminals in suitable locations in the Midnordic Corridor.

Now in phase II, the aim is to deal with the earlier remarks and development needs to improve the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor. The project has been supported by various actors within the Midnordic region and was initiated by politicians of the Midnordic Committee.


The main objective is to develop and promote the east-west Midnordic Transport Corridor, by improving roads, railways and intermodal solutions in the corridor, and by developing an ICT system for optimisation of goods transport in the corridor.

Another objective is to demonstrate the possibilities, potential and benefits of the Midnordic Transport Corridor to business actors, decision-makers and other related actors.

Removing goods from roads to railway and sea will contribute to sustainability, the goal is a sustainable, environmentally friendly Midnordic Green Corridor.

Other goals:

  • Close cooperation with national transport authorities and industry and other related projects.
  • Remove bottlenecks from the corridor.
  • Improve infrastructure, if regional and national funds are available in the future.
  • Transnational cooperation between Midnordic regions, and connections to UK, continental Europe/BSR and Russia/Asia.
  • Well-functioning communications and cost-effective transport solutions are crucial for business life & local industries.
  • Promote the corridor to businesses.
  • A fully working operational ICT-system for transport operators and cargo owners.
Programme Other: 
FP6, PTA3 Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013


  • The County Administrative Board of Jämtland;
  • County council of Västernorrland;
  • County Council of Jämtland;
  • The Mid Nordic Committee
  • Swedish Transport Administration;
  • Municipality of Sundsvall;
  • Municipality of Östersund;
  • Municipality of Ånge;
  • Mid Sweden University;


  • Regional Council of Ostrobothnia;
  • Regional Council of Central Finland;
  • Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia,
  • Seinäjoki Region Business Service Center;
  • Parikkala municipality;
  • City of Kaskinen;
  • Central Finland Centre for Economic Development;
  • Southeast Finland Centre for Economic Development;


  • County Council of North Tröndelag;
  • County Council of South Tröndelag;
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration Central Region,
  • Norwegian National Rail Administration 


Contact Name: 
Mr Per-Åke Hultstedt
County Administrative Board of Västernorrland
Contact country: 
+46 701 90 4195