Research and Development of the European Transport Network Model Transtools Version 3

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Research and Development of the European Transport Network Model Transtools Version 3
An improved European Transport Demand and Network Model  (c) GettyImages
Funding: European (7th RTD Framework Programme)
Duration: 03/11 - 02/14
Transport Themes: Land-use and transport planning (key theme).
Long-term perspectives, Assessment & decision support methodologies, Economic and regional impacts
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Background & policy context: 

TRANSTOOLS (here referred to as 'TT2') is a European Transport Network model. The various Commission services addressing transport issues, have agreed to use TRANSTOOLS as the main model for policy analysis.


The objective of this project (TRANSTOOLS3) was to upgrade and further develop the existing TRANSTOOLS model (TT2), to a new and improved European transport demand and network model ('TT3').

The project set out to improve the methodological basis of TRANSTOOLS, improve and validate its data foundation, deal with known deficiencies of the existing (TT2) model, make the software faster and more efficient, and focus on the user needs, model documentation and model validation.


The project developed TT3 to be a validated user friendly model that will provide policy makers with a tool for assessing and developing better transport policies. The final model of TT3 will be Intellectual Property Rights free, as far as possible, and more open than the present model.

The model was updated to the 2010 base year, based upon ETISPLUS data. The level of detail with regard to the rail, maritime and air transport modules were increased. The aim here is to better analyse cost issues, capacity and externalities of transport. The impact assessment model was improved.

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The European Commission
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Key Results: 

Within the first 18 months of the project, the participants in TRANSTOOLS 3 focused on:

  • Establishing project coordination structures, systems and procedures to ensure proper execution of the project framework;
  • Development of the overall model design as well as sub-model designs;
  • Preparation of data, including specification of data needs as well as clarification of access to adequate data of a sufficient quality;
  • Data validation to secure sufficient quality of model base data;
  • Base software development of sub-models.

The following formal deliverables have been accomplished and approved by the EU Commission:

  • (D3.1) Guideline for model configurations
  • (D5.1) Note with specifications for ETIS+

The User Interface design documentation (D3.2) has been submitted to the EU Commission and awaits its approval.

Policy implications: 
  • The project validated data on transport from ETIS+, and collected data from other sources, compile and merge them into a joined database that describes transport in Europe. This provides a general knowledge on transport in Europe. All data will be available in an IPR free format, whereby it can be of use – not only to DG MOVE – but to Member States, transport organisations, NGOs etc.
  • TT3 can be used for assessing impacts of overall European Transport Policy, energy and/or fiscal/economic policies with focus on the transport sector, as well as evaluation of TEN-projects and other infrastructure projects.
  • TT3 can also be used for evaluating large-scale national and interregional projects beyond the trans-European transport network.
  • Finally, TT3 can be used in the context of national transport models – in cases/countries where no national model exists, as a base for developing.
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan
  • Statens Vag- Och Transportforskningsinstitut
  • Tetraplan As
  • University of Leeds
  • Rapidis Aps
  • The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University Of Oxford
  • Austriatech - Gesellschaft des Bundes fur Technologiepolitische Massnahmen GmBh
  • Nestear Sarl
  • Fomterv Mernoki Tervezo Zrt.
  • John Julian Bates
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
  • Univerzitet U Beogradu - Saobracajni Fakultet
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Dr Ole Kveiborg
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Anker Engelundsvej 1, Building 101A,
Kongens Lyngby
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