September 2017 Issue 31

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Welcome to the final edition of the Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) newsletter. As we prepare TRIP to be transferred to the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS), we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our subscribers for their support. 

TRIP will be locked for editing from the 11 September until the launch of TRIMIS (see below). We would also like to remind you that you need to re-register to continue receiving the latest transport and innovation news and updates from TRIMIS – below, we provide details on how to do this.


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Our move to TRIMIS

This September, TRIP's database of transport research will be transferred to a new platform called TRIMIS.


TRIMIS will combine TRIP's database with monitoring on the effectiveness of the seven Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) roadmaps. Ahead of the launch of TRIMIS, the TRIP website will be locked for editing from 11 September until TRIMIS is launched later this month.


You will still be able to view all of TRIP's content throughout this freeze period. However, it will not be possible to add new content while the files are migrated to TRIMIS.

REMINDER:  Protecting your privacy and keeping you up to date

We need you to confirm whether you are happy for us to use your data to send you information regarding TRIMIS by the 11 September.         


Why do we need your permission?

As part of the move to TRIMIS, TRIP's data, which is hosted by Ricardo, will be moved to a system managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC). We need you to confirm whether you are happy for your data to be transferred to JRC. 


How we will use your data

Ricardo and JRC will use your data to provide you with updates and news regarding TRIMIS, in a similar manner to the TRIP updates you have received. We will not transfer your data to any other party. 


Can I unsubscribe at a later date?

All of our communications to you will include a link to unsubscribe from future updates. 


Please tell us if you are happy to receive updates from TRIMIS after September by emailing the TRIP help desk. If you do not email the help desk, you will stop receiving updates from October.

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