Transport Technology

Transport Sectors

Passenger transport

Research covers all forms of public and private transport by air, land and water, both scheduled and unscheduled. It includes non-motorised and pedestrian transport. Passenger transport may be urban, rural, coastal, local, long distance or cross border, and involves one or more modes. The breadth of this theme indicates that research is primarily of relevance to the planning, organisation and operation of passenger transport.

Freight transport

Research has a broad focus extending from the transport of raw materials, semi-processed products, and finished products from supplier to consumer, to new and used consumer products transported back to suppliers. It also concerns the transport of agricultural products and livestock. Freight transport is becoming increasingly intermodal and multimodal using local, regional, national and international systems. Indirectly, freight transport concerns the organisation and management of the supply chain and logistic services that determine the quantity and quality of freight transport, and commercial relationships between shippers and transport service providers.